Workplace and health

1) Skipping breakfast. Okay, we all know that breakfast is important, why? Well research shows that people are much more efficient in the workplace and find it easier to control their weight if they are breakfast eaters. If you are skipping breakfast, understand that this is just a habit that needs re-adjusting. Lose the mindset that breakfast is time consuming and instead think of it as a way to boost you metabolism, sharpen your concentration and help you manage your weight. You don’t need to create a deluxe gastronomic experience; if you are on the run something quick and healthy can be just as beneficial.

2) Sitting down all day. How often have you phoned or emailed a colleague who works in the next room when you could just get up and visit them instead? How often do you eat your lunch in front of the computer? Research evidence now shows that sitting for longer than 4 hours at any given time increases your risk of chronic diseases like diabetes and heart disease. The simple act of standing can double your metabolic rate and provides you with relief from neck, shoulder or lower back pain that comes with sitting all day. Get up and move! With some creative thinking changing your workplace can help to increase your incidental exercise. Move the printer further away from your desk, stand when you make phone calls, set a repeat alarm on your phone or download a screen-break prompt tool like ‘Big Stretch’ to remind you to move. 3) Mindless eating. When you are busy you often forget to eat, but spend hours on tedious tasks and you’re likely to find yourself reaching for anything edible. With colleagues bringing in birthday cakes, chocolates, lollies or other tempting treats the workplace can become a real danger zone. It is now well documented that when food is readily accessible you eat much more of it. What do you keep at your desk? Keep anything other than fruit and water out of sight. Get colleagues on board and encourage healthier options, eat smaller serves of birthday cake. Put your water bottle on your desk and aim to drain it twice per day. For more tips on creating a healthy environment see us at the Healthkicks clinic


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