If only food products were labeled honestly...

Label reading in Australia can be challenging at the best of times. What choices are good for you in relation to salt, sugar, fats, fibre & overall kilojoules and calorie content is often hard to discern. Let alone all the marketing terms that products come with these days:

  • Baked not friend

  • Natural

  • Organic

  • GMO

  • Free Range Vs Grain Fed or Farm Raised

  • No added artificial flavours and colourings

  • Low Fat | No fat | Light | Reduced Fat

  • Heart 'tick'

  • Sugar free

  • Low Sodium

  • High in Fibre

The constant stream of current "trends", topics on morning shows, talk shows and magazines portrays a complex and confusing message.

Are you confused yet???

The real question is, what are you actually eating? And what is good for you?

#label #food #organic #GMO #Freerange #Natural #HealthyLiving

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