Incidental Exercise - Does it count?

Incidental exercise is simply a term used to describe any exercise or activity that is part of your daily routine. This can including activities such as cleaning the house, mowing the lawn, walking around the supermarket, walking the kids to school or even the vacuuming.

Increasing the amount of incidental exercise in your daily routine is one of the easiest ways to make improvements to your health, well-being & fitness. The simplest approach is get your body moving as much as possible throughout the day. Every little bit counts and it all adds up to a healthier you.

Here are 5 tips on how to include more incidental exercise into your daily routine:
  1. Groove and get enthusiastic when doing the housework. Put on your favourite music and boogie while you clean.

  2. Deliberately park 10-minutes walk away from your workplace and enjoy the short walk to work.

  3. Spend time each weekend in the garden, weeding, mowing the lawn and doing a general clean up.

  4. Take the stairs instead of the elevator when ever possible.

  5. Ditch the remote and get up out of your chair every time you want to change the channel.

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